Why upgrade to VOIP

Group of different offices

In 2020 BT wholesale has announced that it will stop ISDN2s/30 and PSTN lines as it aims to by 2025 switch off these services. Beat the rush and think that now is the time to upgrade to VOIP.

A Cloud based VOIP platform is provided down your internet connection. No more need to have space consuming equipment in a cabinet. Plus there are a lot of benefits to upgrading to VOIP. 

Benefit from all the functionality of a traditional office-based phone system, but with the flexibility to do so much more.

With using VoIP a business can enhance business communication and reduce costs by providing free phone calls between sites regardless of location because you are use the existing internet connection for voice traffic. 

Here are some of the best benefits of VOIP

Auto Attendant/IVR

(“Press 1 for info, 2 for accounts, 3 for etc”) you can have multiple levels and multiple recordings all on the same number.

Bespoke On Hold Music

You can upload your own music or your own advertising to play to customers whilst they are on hold. (Subject to copyright)

Name Presentation

(“Thank you for calling Business name please wait whilst we connect you…”) this will go before any ringing to give out a more professional feel and the customer knows they got the right business.

Out Of Hours Service

This option gives the ability to send inbound calls to an alternative destination outside of office hours and can be set to automatic every day or can be manually set.

Call Queuing

This will place customers into a queue and allow agents to log on and off of the system. You can even set idle times to allow agents a certain time period to finish off tasks before the next call comes in!


A great feature gives the ability to activate a handset on to loudspeaker by dialing a prefix.

Not sure what features you will need? Speak with one of our support team who are here to support you on your journey. Call us on 0203 399 8200

Hunt Groups

You will be able to set up any inbound routing to start at one destination and end at another – this can simply and quickly be changed on demand too.

Multi Lines

All our VoIP accounts work with unlimited simultaneous calls so that direct diallers can still call in whilst you are on a call.

Call Reporting

View all your inbound and outbound calls by date, time, extension and so on!


Every user gets access to a free voicemail box for their extension.