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Our Telecom services include

Number Redirection

Cloud hosted Telecoms

Mobile Calling

How can a better phone platform help you

If your on the move or in a office our platform is built to give you the features you need. Can you afford not to be able to take call's if a client calls. People like local numbers as it gives them the idea where your business is based.

Number Redirection

We can offer your business

Need a local rate number for your business but on the go?

Our solution lets you have a landline number redirected to your mobile or a another landline. 

We provide you a local number then redirect it to the number of your choice.

The system can even divert to a group of people. 

Cloud Hosted Voip

Got a small office or a home office?

Cloud Hosted Voip could let your business grow. Our system lets you be able to have a desk phone be it at home or in a office. 

Our Features include:

  • Automated menus
  • Voicemail
  • Ring Groups
  • Time based routing
  • On Hold Music

Mobile Calling

Want the best of both worlds of a landline on the go? 

Our mobile Voip on the go let’s you make calls on your mobile using your phones data connection and also receive calls via the landline number.

Our simple app functions gives you all the features of our Voip platform, Just on your mobile.


As a plant nursery The Telecom Guy's Mobile App has allowed us to work with customers better as we can take the call with us while talking them though the product in front of us. Often leading to them choosing to buy the product or a better choice.
plant nursery

Pricing Plans

Number Redirection


A month Per Number

1x Local Rate Number
500 redirected minutes
Add a extra landline number for £3
Add a extra number for the landline to be redirected to for a extra £2
£10 One Off setup fee
1 Month Contact

Cloud Hosted Voip


A month Per handset

1x Local Rate Number
Unlimited UK Landline and mobile minutes
1x Automated Menu
9x Ring groups
Time based routing
1x Voip Handset
Mobile App Included
£50 One off setup fee
12 Month Contract

Mobile Calling


A month

1x Local Rate Number
Unlimited UK Landline and mobile minutes
1x Automated Menu
9x Ring groups
Time based routing
No Handset Included
£10 one off setup fee
1 Month Contract

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